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This is 4thekidz page to thank all the special people we love

Past and present officers of 4thekidz!

All our lovely volunteers!!

All those who have donated items or funds to support abused children!!!

Without you 4thekidz would not exist.

Rob Larsen from the Warehouse NP

Andrea Albany from Precious Children NZ

McDonald Real Estate for their generosity

Adrian Sole and the Taranaki Daily News

To our wonderful Suzy Brown for the Tedz project and the awesome Tauranga folks who have supported it.

To all the thousands of people who give of themselves everyday to help others.

The lovely staff at Bunnings who have have been so supportive and also arranged nationwide support with a countrywide bbq, fundraising and raising awareness day coming up in 2015. In addition they have donated hundreds of items to be included in our snuggle packs. They have been absolutely wonderful and every meeting with them has left our team in awe. Thank you Thank you Thank you especially Jacqui and Ashley!!

Downers Engineering have been running a donation drive for us with a donation box that has been getting full of wonderful soft toys and blankets. We have been truly blessed with the support from management and staff.

Feed the kids too have donated 100 lunch boxes to be included in our 100 packs for Christmas campaign which were used recently to highlight the thousands of kiwi kids who go to school hungry every day. It was a massive installation headed by the amazing Donna Turtle Sarten. She has done many art installations that bring forth the reality of kids living in New Zealand and the struggles many of them face.

The gorgeous Kim Sowman has supported 4thekidz for many years and gifted a Taranaki Rugby Jersey to be raffled off or sold to raise funds for 4thekidz. It was purchased almost immediately by one of 4thekidz greatest supporters for $500. We hope he enjoys his piece of the “naki” and thank both him and Kim for their amazing support.

 Karen Mackle (or as she is known around here “lightening needles”) has knitted or crocheted an astounding 19 blankets for 4thekidz. Each and every blanket is handmade with love and care and every child who has one of “karen’s” blankets wrapped around their shoulders truly does feel the love in every stitch. If you would like to donate wool to Karen for more blankets or are a crafter yourself then please let us know!

4thekidz operates purely on love, a love for our families, for the community and we are loved by the communities. Each and every item in our packs for kids comes from donations of these items within our communities. We simply could not and would not be here without your love and support. All the smiles, the encouragement, the media coverage, the thousands of soft toys, hundreds of blankets, torches, diaries, pens and colouring in items all for children who you and I will probably never even meet but we know they need our love. Thank you so much. Thank you for helping us to help them.